Customs & Quarantine

Import or Export operations

NGL will simplify the process, and will ensure your shipments are cleared on time, whilst complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

Using NGL’s Brokerage & Consultancy Services, you can expect:

  • Import/Export Clearance completed on time.
  • Highly experienced brokers working on your shipment.
  • Accurate rating of duties and taxes
  • High Quality Banking Documentation, Preparation and lodgement of Tariff Concession Orders and other international Trade Documentation including certificates & Import / Export licenses


Australia has very strict Quarantine & Biosecurity requirements for the import and export cargos in order to protect the country’s unique biodiversity.


The NGL Projects team has significant experience in the preparation and cleaning of cargo to minimise the impacts to your business. From quarantine consultation and cleaning to entire vessel fumigation, NGL Projects is your partner of choice for managing quarantine risk in the supply chain.


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