Norwest Group take an active role in supporting the regional communities in which it operates. The Norwest brand can be found attached to many events which serve to support the sustainability of Port Hedland and Newman. Norwest are a perennial supporters of the local football, motocross, golf and cricket clubs in the form of financial backing and personnel support as well donated funding and take an active role in the operation of the Port Hedland primary school. Norwest supports local business owners where possible and are very well respected within the community.

The Norwest Brand was established in the Pilbara in 2008 and Port Hedland has been home to it’s primary operations centre ever since. While Wedgefield serves as it’s main depot, Norwest have assets and personnel stationed throughout the Pilbara with approximately 80% of the Norwest Group workforce being residents of the Pilbara region.

In 2011 Norwest entered into a Joint Venture with traditional land owners to form Kutharra Cranes, providing a great opportunity to collaborate with native land owners and employment to a significant number of indigenous personnel. Norwest are a leader in collaborate operations with the indigenous community and raising greater awareness of and giving respect to, native title rights.